It's impossible not to love Tim Gunn, even when he tricks you into watching bloody images of slaughtered bunny rabbits.

Tim stars in a new anti-fur video for PETA, and even though there's a CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES warning, the fashion guru has such a irresistible allure, you may find yourself watching anyway. The video will be launched during New York Fashion Week in February, and — good news — Tim Gunn has announced that the embattled show Project Runway will, indeed, be filming during Fashion Week.

Tim told New York magazine: "I'm making my home visits to the finalists starting on Sunday. It's an incredible season. It really is. And I just want people to see it. And I want the designers on the show to get the exposure." Hopefully they will! But since we still don't know which network the show will end up on or when the show will air, we'll just have to be patient. To kill time, we'll imagine what would happen if Tim Gunn styled a professional basketball team. Oh, wait! The Onion beat us to it.

Video below, view with caution.

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