A Wisconsin appeals court has upheld the conviction of certified bastard Mark Jahnke, who pled guilty to illegally videotaping his naked girlfriend and then changed his mind.

Jahnke was, in 2006, in a relationship with a woman who agreed — multiple times, even — to have sex with him. As a way of showing his appreciation, he secretly videotaped them together once, audiotaped it 33 times and took two more videos of her naked without him around. She found the camera, called the cops and helped force his resignation from his job as a high school chemistry teacher. He pled guilty but his lawyers then tried to get his guilty plea thrown out arguing that by consenting to sex with Jahnke, the woman had forfeited her right to any privacy. The appeals court sided with the state, saying that having sex with, or appearing naked in front of, a person doesn't give that person the right to secretly tape you without your consent. Hot.

Court: Naked People Have Privacy Rights [CBS]