2008 was a wacky year, filled with ups and downs and all sorts of changes. Yet one thing remained the same: our commenters consistently showed up every morning with something hilarious or thoughtful to say.

We could have gone through thousands of comments to select the very best, but you bitches are too funny and too clever and it would have been an impossible task. However, there is one thing we can say for certain: our commenters can find something insanely funny or insightful to say about every post. And also: SOMETIMES THEY GET EXCITED AND LIKE TO YELL ABOUT IT.

And so, dear commenters, instead we've chosen to list the top 25 most prolific commenters of the year. These are the people who constantly contribute to the site, bringing their insights to each post. The number beside their name represents the number of comments they've made this year:

25. Westvillagegirl: 4,276
24. Charlotte Corday: 4,386
23. littlestripes: 4,482
22. Hamsterpants: 4,481
21. BlondeGrlz: 4,489
20. funnyface: 4,490
19. badmutha: 4,502
18. Political Party Girl: 4,557
17. brendastarlet: 4,650
16. BrutallyHonestBabes: 4,750
15. LaComtesse: 4,903
14. ceejeemcbeegee: 5,573
13. TruculentandUnreliable: 5,574
12. SisterMaryMartha: 5,826
11. SinisterRouge: 5,586
10. PilgrimSoul: 6,383
09. stacyinbean: 6,490
08. J.D. Regent: 6,651
07. braak: 7,544
06. SarahMC: 7,993
05. Your beloved moderator, me: 8,225
04. tscheese: 8,742
03. NefariousNewt: 8,893
02. ineffable.me: 9,103
01. Penny Plastic (Archetype): 14,315

Yet this list alone does not cover the awesomeness of the comments that were made this year. And so we're leaving it up to you to list your absolute favorites in the comments below. I would also like to give a shoutout (because it's 1997 and I'm on TRL, apparently) to Morninggloria, Es-ki-mo, andBegorrah, Sarah.of.a.lesser.god, and BabyJane for consistently making the search for a Bestie so damn easy.


So now it's your turn, doves! List your favorites below — this thread is for you, so have fun. From all of us, to all of you: thank you, have a great night tonight, and may 2009 be a CAPS WORTHY year.

Image via Oh My God! I Miss You!