Tally up another one on your list of Things Women Can’t Do. Ski jumping is still the only sport in the winter Olympics that doesn’t allow females to compete.

The International Olympic Committee claims that they don’t not want women, but that there simply aren’t enough ladies competing (and the ones that are apparently just aren’t good enough!) However, the Canadian Olympic Committee begs to differ. Although they petitioned to add women’s ski jumping to the 2010 Olympics, and the International Ski Federation voted 114-1 to recommend that addition, the IOC chose not to include women in the upcoming competition. IOC head Jacques Rogge claims that including women would “water down” the medals. In response to this news, 15-year-old jumper Katie Willis said: ''It's a huge shock because you're thinking that this has a great chance because of all the momentum that was building up about gender equity. It's kind of depressing actually.'' No kidding.


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