Yes it was on Sunday, but I couldn't not show you the utterly glam strangeness that was 2008's China Mobile Wireless Music Awards in Beijing!

Karen Mok won the Outstanding Singers Of Promoting Olympic Games Award, carried a stuffed animal, and sported leggings, string, and a bolero — like ya do.

Jackie Chan makes Tan Jing his princess. Or her dress does.

I wouldn't go so far as to call Selina's — yes, Selina; you'd think you'd feel funny about it -stripes flattering, but if anyone can pull them off...

Singer Li Yuchun was the recipient of the Most Popular First-Released Album Award, appears to be wearing jodhpurs.

A little bit girly, a little bit matronly, somehow kind of awesome! Zhang Liangying injects just the right note of fierce.

Digging Hebe's sack! She's one third of Taiwanese singing group S.H.E, who won Most Popular Searched Singing Group and Best Selling Singing Group Awards.

Jay Chou seems to have decorated his jacket with fuzzy felts (remember those), been styles by a kindergartner! Win!

[Images via Getty]