Kate Obenshain, who describes herself as "an articulate, fearless defender of conservative principles," bought her best Nancy Pfuckingsucks act to MSNBC in defense of the "Barack The Magic Negro" song. Bad call!

Obenshain got a little heated when anchor Tamryn Hall and fellow guest Democratic strategist Jamal Simons suggested that the now-infamous Rush Limbaugh promoted parody was, say, as equally insulting to Barack Obama as it was to Al Sharpton. For a party — and a campaign — that showed plenty of overt racism not so long ago, Obenshain rightly recognizes that it's probably a bad idea to be seen race-baiting the new President, but she just wants everyone to know it's about Al Sharpton! Not Obama! It's satire! She got huffy with Ms. Hall, who got huffy right back. The best parts, though, are the stills, which we have below.

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