The Culture Secretary of England is considering giving websites cinema-style ratings to restrict access to unacceptable material. If website ratings go into effect, what kind of rating will we get?

Readers have emailed us and told us that Jezebel is blocked by the US Army, MBTA, Bonhams Auction House, the Embassy Suites in Bentonville "Home of Wal-Mart" Arkansas, a Chicago Hilton and the Curtis Hotel in Denver — usually by automated web filters that block sites according to meta tags or words that appear on the page (like "sex" or "dick" or "pot").

Sure, we may discuss sex every now and then and we are sometimes known to use potty-mouth language when the mood strikes us, but are we ban-worthy? According to What's My Blog Rated, Jezebel is PG-13 because the word "sex" appears four times on our page and the word "shoot" (?) appears once. Our site probably would not appeal to someone under the age of 13 but that isn't because our content is inappropriate... it just isn't directed towards tweens.

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