The Capri Film Festival is apparently code for "dressing absurdly in a weird party room." Because stars of Italian screen — and for some reason, Heather Graham — looked awesomely bizarre last night.

The Good:

If Heather had worn this a few days earlier, she just might have made the year's Top Ten!

Her casual change of clothes, while less spectacular, is vintage H.G. — she's always pulled off California flower child extra-well.

Violante Placido does a cool, easy iteration on the GBU.

Is Elsa Zylberstein wearing flats? Either way, this is a pretty slip of a dress.

The Bad:

Tori Praver has forgotten her pants.

Look, I get asymmetry. But Gisella Marengo looks like she lost a sleeve en route, and there's very little excuse for this unflattering and uncomfy breast action.

Tiziana Rocca's high neckline would be unflattering in the best of circumstances. Which this gown most certainly is not.

The Ugly:

Short-crotched jumpsuit plus feather boa = alchemy of horrible for Isabella Ragonese.

[Images via Getty]