I’ve come to the conclusion that saying goodbye to a beloved and trusted colleague never gets any easier, and such is the case with departing editor Jessica Grose.

As many of you know, today is Jessica’s last day — after a successful stint helming the site in my weeklong absence; give her a round of much-deserved applause — and, as such, it’s almost time to say goodbye.


I first met with Jessica in early 2007, and she came on board as an Associate Editor in the early fall of that year. Over the past 14 months, I’ve seen her grow from an unbelievably reliable, hardworking, ambitious and versatile writer into, well, an even more unbelievably reliable, hardworking, cheerful, ambitious and versatile writer. (Yes, that’s possible.) Oh, and somehow, despite the 10+ hour days, Jessica somehow found the time to not only keep up on the news on everything from pop culture to politics but make news, enjoy a life outside of work (easier said than done), and maintain a cheerful, up-for-anything attitude that is the object of my unyielding envy.

Part of the up-for-anything attitude has been expressed in some of Jessica’s most popular posts, which run the gamut from dressing room stunts (the infamous American Apparel try-out, conducted with editor Tracie Egan) to her honest, cathartic, emotional post on Sarah Palin's candidacy, which not only earned the ire of Fox News’ Steve Doocy but a mention in Time magazine’s big, much-hyped “Person Of The Year” issue. Not surprisingly, both are among Jessica’s top 10 most trafficked posts (see list at end) and will no doubt continue to draw readers long after her departure.

Along with Dodai, Jessica is one of the first people I "see" and “talk” to when I come online every morning, and I am (selfishly) going to miss this the most: the animated discussions about that morning’s news headlines, caffeine intakes, celebrity stories, menstrual cycles, sleep patterns… the small but important stuff that keeps us sane in our crazy, time-consuming jobs. I hope we’ll get to continue it in some capacity after she settles in at her new gig at Slate’s new ladyblog.

Here's a Top 10 list, in ascending order, of Jessica's most trafficked posts; they are by no means necessarily her best, of course, so please share your favorites (and your congratulations) in the comments.

10. Yale Senior Undergoes Multiple Self-Induced Miscarriages In The Name Of Art

9. Lindsay Lohan: Real Or Manmade

8. Why Sarah Palin Incites Near-Violent Rage In Normally Reasonable Women

7. Dear Jennifer Aniston: Enough Already

6. Manic Pixie Dream Girls Are The Scourge Of Modern Cinema

5. Would Tina Fey Be A Star If She Looked Like This?

4. 30 Reasons Girls Should Send Us Pictures Of Their Drunken Dude Friends

3. Annuale: The Birth Control Pill That Will Grow You A Second Vagina

2. 25 Reasons Drunk Dudes Should Stay Away From Females

1. American Apparel Will Make You Look Like A Fat Hooker

Jess herself will be by later this afternoon to present her own post-mortem so for now I will finish this by saying: Thank you, Jessica, we love you, Happy New Year and good luck!