A divorced mother in Tennessee has been told by a family court that her lesbian partner is not allowed to sleep over on the same nights that her children come to stay at her house.

Angel Chandler's partner, who has been with Ms. Chandler for nearly 10 years, was given a "paramour" restriction by the family court, despite the fact that a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation deemed Ms. Chandler's partner to be "a positive influence on her children." According to Jeanne Sager of Strollerderby, "The ACLU has stepped into the fray, filing a brief this week that urges the court to remove the paramour restriction, calling it unconstitutional for interfering with Chandler's abilities to raise her children as she sees fit."


For now, Chandler and her partner are getting around the ruling by living side-by-side in a duplex, though the sad fact remains that the State of Tennessee seems to be making a point here as to what they consider to be "family"— Chandler's ex-husband, Joseph Barker, remarried 5 years ago; there are no restrictions on him or his new wife.

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