The highly annoying PajamaGram commercial - currently in heavy rotation on cable - tries to convince guys the best gift to give their ladyfriends is one that will help them get laid.

Here are the main approaches the PajamaGram marketers use to make the sale (clip of full commercial above):

1.) Don't you like naked girls? Giving intimate clothing to someone means you might actually get to see a woman naked, since she'll have to take her current clothes off to put the new clothes on.

2.) Don't you like sex? Because some women might feel obligated. (BTW, how creepy-looking is this guy?)

3.) Don't you like large-breasted, good girls? The cut of this tank top is matronly enough, so you can safely assume that the woman you're giving a gift to - as possible exchange for a lay - is not a slut.

3.) Doesn't she expect little from you anyway? Chances are, if you're even considering this purchase, you probably haven't set the bar very high, in terms of what she thinks you're capable of providing - emotionally, romantically, financially, or otherwise - so really, you can't lose!

4.) Don't you wish she'd spend more time at home with you because whenever she's out with her girlfriends, she gets ideas in her head that you don't like? Keeping your girlfriend in loungewear will keep her close to your side.

5.) Don't you hate bras? If you order this gift, she will, too. Which means, naked breasts for you.

6.) Don't you deserve it? Treat yourself to a "thank you" you'll enjoy.