With just a few days before graduation, Jeff Conaway was thrown out of rehab on last night's episode for getting violent with his girlfriend in the facility. He immediately went home and popped some Oxy.

Jeff didn't even get out of his pajama pants before leaving treatment. He just picked up his cane and took off with his girlfriend, Vicky, who was also a patient at the Pasadena Recovery Center. He whined continually throughout this season of Celebrity Rehab that he wasn't being treated properly. (His version of being treated properly is being allowed to take pain meds and muscle relaxers.) The first thing he did when he walked into his house was rifle through a plastic drawer, going through bottles and bottles of pills. After he took a very strong painkiller, he held up two fistfuls of pills and shook them menacingly at the camera. It's safe (and sad) to say that he's effectively off the wagon.