Sorry for the tardiness with this post but I've had stuff to deal with. So: As a few of you already know, we have a (fairly) new way to comment: via Facebook.

What this means: You can use your Facebook account to log into and leave a comment on Jezebel. When and if you do so, your comment will appear below the relevant Jezebel post as well as in your Facebook feed, for all your peeps to see.

Because Facebook commenters don't require an audition or moderator approval to comment, there may be an influx of new commenters coming from the social networking site. But here's a word of warning: if new, Facebook-using commenters abuse the commenting system in any way (see here for guidelines) or piss off, bore or annoy us, they can and will be banned. And, unlike other methods of commenting, a ban given via a Facebook account is irreversible and permanent. (Note: By "permanent," I do not mean a certain type of hair processing.)

Lastly, some of you have inquired as to whether, when commenting via Facebook, if the rest of the world (i.e. the other Jezebel readers) will be able to view your Facebook account. The answer: No. However, readers will be able to see your Facebook name, which, of course, may also be your real name.


Questions? Leave them in the comments and we'll try to answer them soon.

The Girl's Guide To Commenting On Jezebel
The Girl's Guide To Commenting On Jezebel: Version 1.2