• Meet Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel who was swimming in attention at the New York national boat show on Wednesday.•

• A woman bought 300 pairs of mittens for an entire elementary school in Tacoma, Washington.• A new study has found that younger women who undergo endometrial ablation to reduce heavy menstruation are more likely to eventually require a hysterectomy. • Research into the psychological effects of crying has found that people with anxiety or mood disorders are less likely to experience the positive, calming effects of having a "good cry." • On Wednesday, Sotheby set an auction record for a drawing by a British artist when they sold original drawings of Winnie-the-Pooh for $2 million. • A recent study has found that women prefer prestige to dominance in their mates, except when it involves male-on-male athletic competitions.• A nude portrait of a female breast cancer survivor by Health Rosselli will hang in the Louvre as part of an international conference on breast cancer.• A new study has found that women are more likely to give to charities than men, and they are more likely to give to both close and foreign causes. • A U.S. doctor found a nearly perfectly formed foot and other body parts in a tumor that he removed from an infant's brain. • A new study claims that women are less likely to catch HPV if their male partner is circumcised. • An Australian man who was arrested for sharing the (possibly fake) "baby swinging" video on his website has stated that he wants a trial by jury so they can see the "stupidity" of the charges against him.• A new study claims that children living in British workhouses in the mid-1800s would have had meals that were "nutritionally sufficient" for a 9-year-old, despite Oliver Twist's plight.• Protesters in China are pleading against the cat-napping of kitties that are sent to the Guangdong province to be allegedly eaten. • My Pikin Teething Mixture, a teething medicine has been poisoned with antifreeze, is believed to have killed at least 34 Nigerian children.• A couple is suing United Airlines for allegedly "overserving" a male passenger with alcohol, leading him to beat his wife shortly after the plane landed.•

[Image via Twiggy's website]