You can't open your eyes these days without seeing Jennifer Aniston shilling for her new movie, Marley and Me. And last night, she was discussing the state of her uterus on Letterman.

Dave asks Jennifer why people keep wanting to know "more stuff" about Jennifer Aniston, but honestly: we don't! We're probably about as sick of hearing Jennifer Aniston's answers to myriad questions about her love life and womb as she is sick of giving them. And then it occurred to us: Where the fuck has Owen Wilson been this entire time?

She's been blitzing print media: naked and Brangelina bashing in GQ, then she was dishing about John Mayer to EW, and yesterday she was answering reader questions in People

Wilson's ostensibly her co-star in Marley and Me, and he doesn't seem to have done a single appearance, interview, or junket in support of the film. No wonder Aniston's mug is plastered over every magazine cover! He probably doesn't want to deal with questions about his semi-recent suicide attempt, which is understandable, but Aniston's still getting the raw end of the deal here. They're expecting her to promote the movie all by herself! The producers of Marley and/or Wilson himself best be getting her some fancy ass fruit basket for Christmas, because she really deserves it.

Jennifer Aniston on Marriage, Bad Habits and Turning 40 [People]

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