As previously mentioned, Time announced that Barack Obama is its Person of the Year. As part of the coverage, it featured photographer Lisa Jack's college pictures of Barry, which we caption after the jump.

According to Time, Jack asked Obama — then an undergrad at Occidental — to sit for some photographs for her portfolio, which she dug out. She mostly remembers thinking he was pretty cute — and, really, who among us doesn't? — but little else about the shoot. To help job her memory, we channeled the collegiate Obama for what he was really thinking.

You'd have told him no matter what cheezy pick-up line he was using.


Guys like that always know you think they're hot.

And they always think that means you want them. Sometimes it's even true.


Obama was nothing if not prescient. He owes a debt of gratitude to Clinton and Bush for making it acceptable to have gotten high and run for President.

I can't say I'm mad Michelle made him quit.


Damn strategic shadows.

A little ice will help!


I think I'd have to see both in order to decide.

Oh, I think we're about done here.

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