Gabrielle! Ginnifer! Hiltons! Rachel! Random starlets! There they were, dressed to the nines (and sometimes, the negative nines) at the opening of D&G's L.A. flagship on Monday (sorry kids, no good events last night).

The Good:

Ginniger Goodwin is adorable. So is her dress.

This shape is probably on its last legs, which is too bad! Some questions about Jenna Dewan's shoes but overall: win!

Per usual, Gabrielle Union makes it look easy.

It says something about the event when Paris Hilton looks this easy, breezy and cute. Maybe just that everyone's wearing the house brand?

As the Barefoot Contessa might say of Nikki Reed: How gorgeous is that?

Sanaa Lathan does sparkly with hat right.

The Bad:

Zoe Saldana's dress may have been made by our grandmother circa '76.

I know Amanda Heard's number shouts "D&G" and I guess that's the point, but it shouts "hideous!" even more loudly.

Nicky Hilton's nightie is like three kinds of sexy gone horribly awry.

I could maybe get behind Rumer Willis' Marilyn special had she not taken it over the top with this coiffure.

What Say You?

Rachel Bilson can wear anything...but should she have worn precisely this?

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