"What On Earth," the eclectic catalog touted as "A Collection Of Fun Wear & Delightful Diversions" centers heavily on gifts associated with fart jokes, sorcery, cats, and most of all, toilets.

What On Earth is a mini-format catalog that somehow manages to pack about 700 products into its 127 pages. (And that's not even counting the vast selection of T-shirts with slogans like "Behold…Fartacus" which is available for $18.95.) They sell stuff like that beer-holder hoodie that Santa is wearing on the cover. I got on their mailing list after I ordered this pillow, which I actually highly recommend, because it's really comfortable, and makes sleeping on planes bearable even though people literally laugh at you when they walk past.

Even though there are almost too many items to keep track of, I did notice a recurring theme throughout: Hard-to-find, novelty toilet accessories.


Talking Toilet Paper Roll, $24.95
Give this to: Friends who forget stuff when they're in the bathroom sometimes.

Toilet Paper with the Name "Bob" Printed All Over It, 2 rolls for $12.95
Give this to: Your favorite Bob.

Ghoulie-esque Practical Joke, $16.95
Give this to: Your office Secret Santa that you secretly hate, because it's the only thing you can give them that you put in a toilet that probably won't get you fired.

Headless Cat Rug & Matching Cat Head Toilet Seat Cover, $24.95
Give this to: Your Nana.

Headless Flamingo Rug & Matching Flamingo Head Toilet Seat Cover, $24.95
Give this to: Your other Nana that moved to Florida.

Guitar Toilet Handle, $49.95
Give this to: Your little brother, who just got his first apartment off-campus, even though he'll never bother to take it out of the box, because he will still find use for it that way, as a surface to break his weed up for a joint.

Skull Toilet Brush Holder, $39.95
Give this to: Your neighbor with the black light posters.

Auto-refresher Dog Bowl That Looks Like a Toilet Bowl, $24.95
Give this to: Your uncle that never married.