Heidi and Spencer pretended to elope on last night's episode of The Hills. It was a "secret wedding," with no one there — except for photographers from Us magazine.

There was no footage of the actual ceremony, other than some home videos shot on a camcorder that the couple looked at in their hotel room "the next morning." It was kind of obvious that the entire thing took place without The Hills crew there, and once they heard about it through Us, they told Spencer and Heidi to stay there and high-tailed it down to Mexico to shoot some "pick up" scenes, which included a fake pre-wedding conversation over tequila shots (Spencer literally said, "I'm madly obsessed with you and it's pretty apparent, the fact that I haven't left your side in nearly two and a half years, and I pretty much keep you from the whole world") and a fake morning-after convo in their hotel room. We all know that the wedding wasn't legal, but scenes from next week's season finale show the couple walking into an L.A. courthouse to say their vows. Of course, this could very well be staged, too.