Dr. Humayra Abedin, who, as we posted earlier, had been held captive by her parents in Bangladesh, who tricked her into visiting and were attempting to force her to marry, has finally been released.

Abedin, who had been studying in London and had planned to begin a residency in August, returned to Bangladesh after being told that her mother was seriously ill. This turned out to be a lie designed to lure Abedin back home for the purposes of forcing her to marry against her will. Abedin protested, and the London High Court, using the Forced Marriage Act, demanded that she be released. A Dhaka court agreed, much to Abedin's father's dismay: he "collapsed from shock after the ruling." Abedin will fly back to the UK at some point this week. ""We're delighted with the result, the rights of a Bangladeshi woman have been protected as they should be," says Abedin's lawyer, Sara Hossein, "Dr. Abedin looks very relieved, she's a very brave woman." [BBC]