Anyone who uses Facebook has most likely been inundated with those annoying ads for super Acai berries; berries meant to aid in weight loss or what have you through their "superfood" powers. Well guess what?

ABC News is reporting that the "superfood" may not be so super after all. Dr. Oz, the sleeveless wonder unleashed on the world by Oprah whose name is often attached to the wonder berries, admits that the companies selling the products took his praise for Acai too far. "I'd be surprised if by itself acai could help [with weight loss]," Oz says, "it's not going to hurt you, and it's as good an antioxidant as anything else. That's not where I would put my money." Susan Donaldson James of ABC News and her husband tried the Acai berries for a weight loss fix, and in the end, she says, "All we were was constipated. And still fat. And feeling ripped off." [ABC News]

Image via EpicSelf.