Since 2006, the guerrilla street artist "Princess Hijab" has been "hijab-izing" Parisian ads, covering pictured women's faces and bodies with spray paint and marker and pasting original "hijab ads" around the city.

The hijab is a highly charged topic in France, where it's been the subject of debates about the role of religion and secularism in French society. In the artist's own words, "I’m an advertising hijabist. In other words, I cover all advertising with a black veil, which is a dark symbol, a reference on pop culture, and a way to hide elegantly advertising. It is also a study on territories and identities." While little is known about the artist - including her sex or religious affiliation — like the anonymous British street artist Banksy, Princess Hijab has been embraced by the art world, and her work will be displayed in a number of upcoming exhibitions. [Muslimah Media Watch]