The Daily Beast's "Melissa Beech" thought that when she wrote about her Sugar Daddy, the blogosphere would be supportive over her Louboutin lifestyle "that would be the envy of any young woman who enjoys life."

But alas! The internet was "negative" and "judgmental" about the "mutually beneficial" agreement that nets her about $5,000 a month. She is back today with quotes from her sugar daddy in a misguided effort to set the record straight. The main thing she wants you to know is that she's not a hooker. She and her sugar daddy are just regular boyfriend and girlfriend. Their relationship is wholesome, you see. Her "sugar daddy" plays golf with her actual daddy, who of course doesn't know the financial agreement the SD has with his daughter. And there's more:

Q: So the majority of bloggers felt that our relationship was prostitution, with me as the prostitute and you as the john, mainly because of the financial aspect of our relationship. What would you say to them?
A: Well, I would say that I think of our relationship as pretty much a marriage. Just like a husband provides for his wife, I provide for you. I'm lucky enough to be able to financially give you anything you could want, and if people resent that then that's too bad for them. I think the biggest misconception with some of the readers was that we aren't monogamous. Neither of us have any other kind of relationship, whether emotional or sexual, with anyone else.

Well, Ms. "Beech", no one "resents" the fact that you're financially blessed any more than they resent any other rich person. The upswelling of negativity was because of the heinous, braggy attitude you had about the whole sordid thing. In this piece, you say your lifestyle should be the "envy of any young woman who enjoys life." And in your last screed, you bragged at length and in great detail about your lux life. Remember?

I rent a $1,600 apartment in the city, for which he pays the rent in full. I carry an AmEx Black card in both our names, and use it for things like shopping, spa trips, manicures, and tanning; the bill goes to him. And the company car I drive costs him around $700 a month for the lease and the insurance. I’ve even managed to build up a little nest egg over the past year—at his insistence—putting away around $12,000. All in all, he probably spends in the ballpark of $5,000 a month on my lifestyle…We went to London and Paris last spring, where we saw the sights and shopped at stores like Chanel and Dior. How many other college students are wearing Christian Louboutins to class?

I'm not going to get into the moral dubiousness of your proposition, or how narcissistic it is to assume that everyone wants to emulate your existence. Whether or not you're a prostitute is actually irrelevant when you consider your gross public materialism. (You even mentioned that the "job market was sliding into decline" in your first essay, so obviously, you know we're in a recession.) To boast about the egregious sums of money being spent on your grooming, wardrobe and upkeep is gross to the extreme in this kind of economic climate; I don't care who's paying for it.

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