Since The Sun did a story on the fembot known as Aiko, they decided to flip the script and create "Wall-He," an imaginary manbot.

Of course, just because some inventor decided to "invent" the perfect woman — as a machine — doesn't mean that the proper response in simplifying and objectifying a woman is to turn around and invent the "perfect man." (Even if The Sun's Sally Brook recommends starting with Daniel Craig's body.)

That said, I would be lying if I said I didn't used to dream about something I called Frankenboyfriend. Not a robot, mind you, but a living, breathing man, made up of elements of the things I loved about my ex-boyfriends. D. was so tender, so sweet, while looking like a scary, tattooed ex-con. I loved that contrast. J. was so smart, and full of surprises; the economics major and accountant who quit to become a motorcycle mechanic. I loved his fearlessness and "fuck it" attitude. B. burned with passion: About music, about food, booze and living large. We loved all the same movies and music, and I loved that we had a shorthand and a best-friend-ish relationship. There was a time when I longed to cut these pieces of them out and stitch them together into a brand new guy. "I know exactly what I want," I thought to myself. I would leave D's stubbornness and take only the gentle-as-a-lamb part; I would cut around J.'s meandering and take his awesome sense of humor and witty brain; I'd snip off the temper and bluntness from B. and carefully extract the fire and zest for life. Is that shallow?

In any case: That was then.

Now, of course, I see more clearly: When I was seeing D. we were both inflexible; when I was with J. we were both too young; when I was with B. his fire and my insecurities were what made us fight all the time. I've had to work on myself since then. And, even more than that: I used to say I just wanted a nice guy who'd take me out for steak and champagne; my current beau is straightedge & vegan. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but I had no idea. While it's true that all of the elements I was looking for (tenderness, smarts, passion, joie de vivre) are in my new guy, he's got qualities I didn't even know I wanted. Amazing, surprising, lovable idiosyncrasies that you can't concoct in a lab or program into a computer. Take that, Le Trung.

Wall.He [The Sun]
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