Dogs on the red carpet are always a good thing. Weird costumey gowns and platform heels? Not so much! Join Jen, Owen, Katherine Heigl, Marley and gang at Mann's Village Theatre in Westwood, California.

The Good:

Marley: adorable, well-dressed. But was this fun for him?

Katherine Heigl looks relaxed yet sharp, like a perfect "What Not to Wear" example of how to do casual without being sloppy!

A little matchy, yes, but Julia Kurbatova still looks elegant.

Odd? Maybe. But digging how Lynn Collins is channeling a 19th Century military tent!

The Bad:

Kristin Cavalleri's getup is several degrees too costumey for cuteness! Also, she made up like 60% of the photos from this event, which was annoying.

Kasley Cuoco demonstrates how to make black not basic.

What Say You:

Jen: short and sweet, or just...short?

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