One of the best things about the Daily Show is that Jon Stewart can engage an opponent respectfully and logically without devolving into shouty crackers. Last night, he took Mike Huckabee to task for being against gay marriage. (Reminder: today is Day Without A Gay, when gay workers are encouraged to "call in gay.") Stewart poked holes in Huckabee's rhetoric, arguing that marriage has been constantly redefined in the past 5,000 years. "You write that marriage is the bedrock of our society. Why would you not want more couples to buy into the stability of marriage?" Stewart asked. Huckabee's argument comes down to his conviction that homosexuality is a choice, to which Stewart responded, "I think it's the difference between what you believe gay people are and what I do…I'll tell you this: religion is far more of a choice than homosexuality." Clip above.