Remember how at Yesterday's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button premiere everyone looked really good and even the "Bads" were pretty awesome? Well, as we know, everything in Australia is the opposite of here (well, at least seasons and the way toilets drain), and so it was with last night's Button premiere at the Sydney Theatre. Everyone looked strange, even the "Goods" were pretty lousy, and (an undoubtedly massively jet-lagged) Cate Blanchett? Shocking! The Kinda Good, the Really Bad... after this Antipodean jump.

The Good:

In its way, Bianca Chiminello's frock is kinda naked and creepy. In another way, it's oddly beautiful.

Okay, maybe not setting anyone's world on fire, but Sarah Murdoch's separates are at least elegant and nicely-proportioned, no?

The Bad:

Yesterday Cate's bizarre dress was somewhat borderline. No such confusion with this metallic snakeskin situation. Question: How does this woman manage to take a 20-hour flight from New York to Sydney, go to another premiere, and keep her eyes open?

I love Miranda Otto. And I would have loved this coat. When I was 14. In the mid-90s.

And speaking of 90s high school students...or, rather, Justine Clarke.

Why did Sophie Lee choose to wear these shoes with this otherwise unassailable suit? A pointy-toed pump seems like a no-brainer!

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