I'm a little late to the party on Ruby, the Style Network's reality show about Ruby Gettinger — a Georgia woman who weighs nearly 500 lbs and is looking to live a healthier lifestyle after being given a near-death sentence from a doctor, who called her a "metabolic time bomb". It seems odd that Style, a network with shows like How Do I Look? could handle such a sensitive topic so well. Ruby is surrounded by supportive friends (mostly sassy, Southern gay men), and is also able to see the humor in everything (like, in the clip above, from last night's episode, when she busts a tire on her motorized wheelchair, referring to herself as "a big girl in a little world"). And while the show is sometimes heartbreaking — Ruby's teary confession of wanting kids, which doesn't seem possible, given her weight — it's also triumphant, not because she's already lost 65 lbs, but because she doesn't allow her condition to keep her from being a happy human being.