Two Seattle high school cheerleaders have been suspended from the squad because nude cell phone photos of them were being passed around their high school. Why did the school administration get involved with something pretty much outside their purview? According to CBS News, the girls were chastised because ""The student code of the conduct does say that athletes are held to a higher standard." Then why did the myriad boys — presumably some of whom were also athletes — get off scot free for passing around the naughty photos?

Well the school district doesn't really explain that, but the girls' lawyers are pretty peeved. Matthew King, who is representing the two families of the girls involved tells the CBS Morning Show, "There is an implied 'boys will be boys' sort of mentality here, where none of the boys who had these photos on their phones were ever punished. That's a problem, we feel."


Over at Nerve, Colleen Kane thinks that this is all part of "the grand old tradition of condemning the high school female slut but not other participants in the slutting, and adds, "We have a feeling that this is the kind of scandal that Europeans love to laugh at Americans for, for being so uptight about nudity in the first place."

Another compounding issue is that one of the girls allegedly took the photos of herself when she was 13, before she attended the high school, so, in that case, the argument is that those actions should not affect her standing at her current school. Early adolescents are going to test the boundaries of their sexuality and sexual expression whether their parents — or school districts — like it or not, and kicking these girls off the cheer squad seems to be an unfitting punishment for something that's not really a crime, but rather a stupid youthful mistake. As one of the girls' mother points out, "If she had been caught taking illegal drugs twice, she would not have been punished this severely. The school has arbitrarily taken away the one thing that my daughter loves most. She will never get that back again."

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