Women's magazines seem to think we're stressed out. November Glamour let us plot our anxiety on its patented exploding-teapot scale, and this month's Cosmo tells us we better chill if we ever want that baby that'll make us complete. Luckily, Marie Claire has the answer โ€” therapy!

Yes, "therapy" is something certain ladies do when their sisters have more babies than they do. After getting over her skepticism and seeing a shrink, author Lorna Martin writes, "when my sister reveals another miracle baby is coming, I don't have to feel bad about feeling a little bad." But you don't have to take Martin's word for it โ€” celebs like Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston are into this therapy thing too! How do you get on the bandwagon? Just ask your friend's therapist for a referral.

Of course, if some of your stress is related to, say, money troubles, and you don't have insurance or can't afford the co-pays, you are SOL โ€” Marie Claire has no advice for you (but Wise Bread has some ideas). Although maybe you could "move to a friend's farm for a year," like Marie Claire writer Justine van der Leun did. Just don't try taking Marie Claire's quiz to see if therapy is right for you โ€” unless one of your big problems is that you "see a pair of Marc Jacobs heels for 75 percent off and keep walking." If that's the case, you should probably ask your friend Jennifer for her shrink's number, you loon.

Seriously, not everyone's problems are cute, and not everyone has the resources of a celebrity at her disposal. For the cash-strapped and struggling, sidebars like "Running into my shrink at the mall" aren't very funny. And a women's magazine running articles on dealing with anxiety is a little bit like when cigarette companies started paying for antismoking ads. Marie Claire isn't nearly as bad as Cosmo (Is your man cheating? Are you infertile? Is your orgasm face ugly?). But it's still chock-full of scary beauty treatments (instead of getting implants, inject goo into your boobs), expensive shit, and ads that say things like "I want a man to get lost in my eyes. NOT in my pores." If you need to relax, start by putting down Marie Claire and picking up something that doesn't make its money convincing you you're not hot enough.


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