As you may know, though Life magazine is no more, the Life magazine photo archive lives on, through a partnership with Google, and is slowly being made available online. Looking through the collection is unbelievably engrossing, but the funny thing is you never really find exactly what you think you're going to find. Still: The images are surprising, informative, and entertaining. Plus: You can purchase framed prints! We've been taking a look at women in several decades (previously: the '30s, the '40s and the '50s) and today, the crazy, swinging 1960s. The photos begin after the jump.

Joan Ganz Cooney, Director of Children's Television Workshop. New York, 1969.

Love this awesome woman's job, dress and corner office!

Son & widow of Medgar Evers attending his funeral after he was killed by civil rights opponents. 1963.

One of the many tragedies of the decade. Is it wrong to covet her hat?

An Egyptian state owned TV set manufacturing plant, where out of 600 employees nearly 1/2 are women. Cairo, 1963.

Amy Winehouse, is that you?

Sophia Loren about to kiss another woman (prob. sister). Rome, 1964.

Glamour, darling!

Fashion designer Emilio Pucci w. young women wearing his designs. Bahamas, 1968.

Original Pucci prints, in their original habitats.

Young Parisian women at a discotheque. Paris, 1963.

The hair. So chic.

Women taking a cosmetic course. East Berlin, Germany, 1967.

It is important to begin with a good, clean foundation.

London police women posing in new uniforms. 1967.

Fighting crime looks like so much fun!

One of the Bloomfield Hills society women who bowls in a league. 1962.

Of course one bowls in pearls. Don't be silly.

A comely women's bowling team. Dallas, Texas, 1960.

Don't you get the feeling these ladies were a "hoot," as they say?

Women admirers trying to touch John F. Kennedy during Presidential campaign. Texas, 1960.

People used to get excited about politics… We have come full circle.

Women wearing fancy eyeglasses worn at St. Luke's fashion show. Chicago, 1960.

Someone needs to have a party with a sparkly eyeglass theme, and quick!

Fashion model Donyale Luna wearing evening gown which is embellished w. shimmering sewn-on discs, while taking break from fashion show w. cigarette. Sydney, 1967.

Donyale Luna was the first black model to appear on British Vogue. She was fond of LSD and was one of the only black women to be part of Andy Warhol's studio. She died in Rome in 1979 of a drug overdose.

New York fashion 1969.

"No, I can't give you my phone number, because you remind me of my bedspread."

Singer Barbra Streisand (L) sitting with Marlene Dietrich (R) at fashion show. Paris, 1966.


Wow! That ensemble Barbra Streisand is wearing was totally recreated and on the cover of French Vogue!

"New Breed" - Fashion - Afro-Headdresses. 1968.

I don't know what it is, but I like it.

Fashion model Donyale Luna posing in see-through crocheted floor-length dress w. extreme cutout back, as other models strike posed in mod clothes behind her. Sydney, 1967.

More Donyale Luna. New obsession.

British fashion model Twiggy w. slumpy posture, at table in restaurant at Disneyland. 1967.


It's it odd that this woman would later become the nicest judge on America's Next Top Model?

Cover of LIFE magazine dated 10-17-1969 w. logo & photo of model Naomi Sims by Yale Joel w. legend "Black Models Take Center Stage."


Here's why it's so upsetting that mainstream fashion magazines these days tend to ignore models of color. It was not always so!

Children holding hands while crossing street, w. storefront in rear covered w. graffiti fr. '65 riots indicating black-ownership & support of violence. Watts, CA, 1965.


Almost 4,000 people were arrested in the Watts riots. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed and burned. Twenty-seven years later: the LA riots.

Actress Julie Christie. London, 1966.

Gah. Love.

LIFE cover, actress Mia Farrow. 1967.

Such an iconic image.

Actress Gina Lollobrigida feeding and petting a fawn. Toronto, 1960.

The deer is cute, but is anyone else distracted by her pointy, pointy bra?

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