If you were a socialite, wouldn't you want to go to an event called the "Snowflake Ball?" The annual UNICEF event was held at New York's Cipriani, and Lucy Liu, Tea Leoni, Barbara Bush, and various other glamourpusses looked rad for a cause. Of course, it wasn't all great… Or was it? Once again, I call upon you to determine whether one of these baffling getups is a Do or a Don't — after the jump.

The Good:

Not only does Lucy Liu look stunning, she matches the background!

Isn't Hilary Quinlan's bombshell special made to be worn to a "snowflake ball"?


Lauren Bush's buffalo check has got to be Ralph Lauren! (She dates his son, after all.) Her purse is a much more discreet nod to this UNICEF campaign than the gown version we've seen before.


Tea Leoni looks ridiculously '80s-goddess. In a good way, I mean.

Again, Barbara Bush's plunging gown just says "snowflake ball"… Though some might find the actual snowflakes a bit much.


I happen to love different-height couples like Dikembe and Rose Mutombo. Plus, they look great!

What Say You?


Maggie Betts: understated elegance or sad sleeping bag?

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