A reader tipped us off to this "Boob Job Piggy Bank," which is currently being sold on a website that specializes in room decor for women "ages 13-22." One could easily argue that it's just a silly joke jar aimed at the higher end of that age spectrum, but still: isn't there anything else to encourage young women to save their money for? In fairness, the site,Wake Up Frankie, also claims to cater "to many different personalities and lifestyles. Frankie thinks every girl should have a really cool and hip place to sleep and hang out, place that lets you express you- whoever you are!" And perhaps some people just like to express themselves through Boob Job Piggy Banks, no? The bank has already been met with mixed opinions on BoingBoing, with commenters calling it everything from "clever and funny" to "icky" to "So wrong on so many levels it's hard to know where to start." What do you think of the Boob Job Bank? Funny? Offensive? Or just kind of dumb? [BoingBoing]