On this day after Thanksgiving, we are thankful for GOOP, as it gives us a weekly opportunity to poke fun at Gwyneth Paltrow's complete lack of self-awareness. Because Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, we were lucky enough to receive a missive from Ms. Paltrow on our day of rest, this time with advice from six of Gwyn's "gurus" about "what it means to be grateful for Thanksgiving." The advice is from various theological leaders from Deepak Chopra to Kabbalah Centre co-director Michael Berg. But our personal favorite tip for turkey day enlightenment was from Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel, who tells us, "I am Being. I just am. I am the I am-ness of life. I am pure awareness, pure stillness, silence. I am unmoving. I have no preferences or judgments; I don’t need things to be other than the way they are. I don’t suffer because there is no me to suffer." Remember that when you're struggling to pay your mortgage. [GOOP]