You know what is the most awesome part of Thanksgiving? PIES! That's why Time has a piece on the history of pie, which includes the following detail: "Meat pies were also often part of Roman dessert courses, or secundae mensea. Cato the Younger recorded the popularity of this sweet course, and a cheesecake-like dish called Placenta, in his treatise De Agricultura." Think about that next time you chow down on some of New York's finest. Sadly, there was probably no pie at the original Thanksgiving, and the first pumpkin pie recipe did not hit cookbooks until 1675. In order to give thanks for all we'll be consuming tomorrow, we've put together some steaming pictures of pie porn... after the jump.


Do you like it spicy in your mouth? Well try a steaming heap of pumpkin…mmmmmmm.

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This slice of apple pie looks so good you just wanna stick your…face in it.

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Don't you love looking at the sloppy wet inside of a blueberry pie? (By the way, Anna is in need of a good blueberry cobbler recipe. Any suggestions?)

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It looks like this chocolate could not contain itself and spurted all over the pecan pie. We'd post a picture of cherry pie, but it's entirely too scandalous. And…we're spent.

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