Let's face it: last night's Saturday Night Live was pretty bad. Continuing the dark and creepy direction they took off in last week, the SNL crew took us through a weird skit sequence that involved a mentally ill woman putting super-glue on her teeth, fur-covered turkeys running for their lives, and the worst character the show has tried to push on us in a long time, Jeff Montgomery, sex offender/mental patient, showing up to ruin a family's thanksgiving and creep out the audience. Host Tim McGraw read the cue cards and tried to make the best out of some pretty weak material, but the real highlight came from musical guests Ludacris and T-Pain, who showed up to participate in one of the only funny skits of the night, wherein Andy Samberg's "Blizzard Man" shows up to perform his terrible raps and replace T-Pain on a song, much to T-Pain's dismay. Clip after the jump.Click to view