I can't lie, kids: I'm sorta sad the CMA's have gone all Hollywood on us. I mean, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman and Taylor Swift always bring it on the red carpet, and obviously Reba's totally legit, but I'm always hoping against hope to see Dolly and Loretta, even when I know I'm more likely to get Carrie Underwood and Jewel. Oh, well. That's not to say this wasn't a killer red carpet: the 42nd Annual CMA Awards at Nashville's Sommet Center is a major event and there was classic glamor and modern style to spare. And yes, enough bizarreness to keep everyone happy. The Good, the Bad, the Country, the Rock 'n Roll — after the jump!
The Good:

Reba looks totally elegant in black velvet.

Jewel restores dignity to her home state!

Trace Adkins does classic country right!

Carrie Underwood's dress might be a bit much at another event — belt, looking at you — but here, I dig it.

Sometimes only total bombshell will do, as Kellie Pickler knows.

The strangely ubiquitous Taylor Swift does 30's glamour.

In Julianne Hough's case "good" means "uncannily like a Barbie dress!"

I am so torn between Shania Twain's cute, basic frock and goofy shoes!
The Bad:

On the one hand, Reese looks amazing. On the other hand, this Nancy Reagan special feels a little "CMA costume"-y.

Even were Miley Cyrus old enough to pull this off, it'd be unfortunate.

Nicole Kidman looks kinda sad and severe, no?

Lee Ann Womack's ombre is unhappy.

Sarah Buxton's outfit would have struck me as a very good idea when I was 13. And I was not a well-dressed 13-year-old, just very aggressively "quirky."

Sarah Buxton's second outfit: Ricky's called. It wants its Moulin Rouge costume back.

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