With Election Night parties being planned all over the country, it's no surprise that election themed recipes are popping up all over the internet, ensuring that no matter which candidate you root for or against, there's most likely a recipe for you. The folks at AJC suggest a colorful approach, using the red, white, and blue theme to whip up cakes and parfaits, while other sites around the web are leaning more toward regional specialties, candidate's favorites, and dishes infused with a touch of political humor. A few suggestions for your big Election Night bash, after the jump.

  • Play The Name Game Blair at Dudette in the Kitchenette brings us "Pretty Please Don't Pick Palin Peach Pie," a dessert she dubs her "very own pie named after an incredibly resilient source of misery." In fairness, Blair also encourages McCain/Palin supporters to try her tasty treat, admitting that "you could change the name of the pie to something Palin positive…I guess…if you absolutely had to."
  • Go Blue Laura Weiss of the Huffington Post reports that many Democrats are going blue for their Election Night bashes, stocking up on "blue corn chips, blue potato chips, blueberries, blueberry wine, blue moon beer, blueberry pie, and blueberry ice cream." Joan Knecht of Virginia, however, isn't ready to commit to either side, as far as Election Night meals go: "I'm serving undecided stew,"Knecht says. "It's a little of this, a little of that—and hopefully it will all come out tasting good."
  • Get Topical Yum Sugar suggests that you stock up on "Campaign Trail Mix," "Buffalo Chicken Left Wings," and Rachael Ray's "Lipstick Pigs in a Blanket," hors d'oeuvres that feature such elitist ingredients as apple chicken sausage and all-fruit apricot preserves.
  • Run With The Meme Looking for an Obama cake? Look no further than YesWeCake.com, a site devoted to bringing you the best in Obama-themed desserts. Whether you'll be eating these sugary sweets in celebration or in shock is yet to be seen, but either way, it's always good to have a few delicious cookies lying around.
  • Have a Bipartisan Bash Tanya Steel of Epicurious has designed two separate Election Night menus to please her election night guests, noting that her "campaign strategy to get them to come is to have two menus." To accomplish this, Steel created yummy offerings for both the "Illnois Party" and the "Arizona Party", ensuring that no matter what happens, a solid dinner will be served to guests of both parties. The "Illinois" menu features "Big Green Salad" and "Red Velvet Cupcakes With Creamy Vanilla Icing," and the "Arizona Party" features "Beef and Avocado Fajitas" and "Chile Brownies." And with mojitos and margaritas flowing on both sides of the aisle, it's safe to say that Steel's guests will have a pretty good time.
  • Play Favorites The folks at Clever Parties think it's only fitting to celebrate your candidate's big night with one of his or her favorite recipes. For McCain fans, that means a night of "Arizona Baked Beans" and "Sarah Palin's Moose Stew," which is all the more reason to vote Obama/Biden, really, for if nothing else, you'll at least be attending a party with better grub: Barack's favorite chili and Biden's preferred dessert, oatmeal raisin cookies.

How are you planning to spend Election Night? Any recipes you want to share?
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