Why do celebrities not understand that masquerades involve masks? It's not rocket surgery, people. I kind of cheated here, combining not one but two celebrity masquerades for the maximum number of B-List costumes - Kim Kardashian and PAMA's party at the Stone Rose in LA, and Lydia Hearst Shaw's shindig at NYC's 10AK. I must say, there's a shocking lack of creativity on display from Kim, Lydia, Lara Spencer, Cheryl Burke and friends - frankly, I was disgusted. Slutty reporters, slutty fairies, slutty girl scouts, slutty insects, slutty superheroes - you name it, you got it, after the jump!

The Good:

Sure, it's totally pre-fab and DVF kinda already took the steam out of Wonder Woman, but Kim Kardashian actually makes a really good 1964 Girl Group Singer-cum-super-heroine! (That last part was probably unintentional.)

I'm guessing Lydia Hearst Shaw is supposed to be Poison Ivy, but I choose to believe she's "Absinthe," which would be awesome.

Obviously Lara Spencer's bumblebee is lame, but Kris Jenner's manic - what? S&M officer Weimar cabaret performer? - is so bizarre that I'm adding an automatic 200 points.(L.A.)

Sexy girl scout is perhaps not the most original idea, but Ashlane Gorse gets points for wearing some of her own clothes, which qualifies as major creativity, unfortunately. (L.A.)

The Bad:

Lydia's slutty newspaperwoman would be lame even had it not just come out that she didn't even write her Page Six column!

Richie Rich is here because he always kind of looks like this and we hold him to a different standard of fab.

Again, big ups to the homemade costume, but Derek Hough's Bon Jovi still looks like every frat boy's last-minute effort. (L.A.)

If this is Lance Bass' actual robe, then, lazy. If not, lame costume. Or am I being mean? (L.A.)

Prefab + Cute = Total BS. Fail, Kym Johnson . (L.A.)

I've always felt like, if you're gonna do a costume, commit! Cheryl Burke's WAC (or whatever) in cocktail attire offends me as someone who's gone as a WAVE before in full uniform. (L.A.)

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