Only those closest to me know about my undying, very real, incredibly true love for The Price Is Right. As a kid, I spent summers at my grandfather's house and watched Bob Barker every single day, spreading joy and an uncanny knowledge for the retail cost of Mr. Clean. When I stumbled upon the "Price Is Bright" photo shoot in the November issue of Marie Claire, I gasped like I'd just spun the big wheel and landed on a dollar. It's amazing! Pictures and commentary after the jump.

Lady, this is sacred and hallowed ground, where Johnny Olson and Rod Roddy invited people to "Come on down!" Get your feet off of the furniture!

OMG you guys. She is touching THE WHEEL. Have you ever seen people spin so hard that they fall down? I have always wanted to spin the wheel. I don't really want Drew Carey to be there, though. Sigh.

Okay, here's the best part about TPIR: Everyone is so freakin' psyched to be there. The only problem with this photograph is that there are not nearly enough black and/or old people. They are TPIR gold. Plus, we need waaaaaaay more homemade T-shirts, I mean, come on.

Bidding on grandfather clocks, pool tables, fine jewelry and ANEWCAR! is just the thing to kick start an awesome show. Did someone just bid one dollar? Someone has to bid one dollar. The show is not complete unless someone bids JUST ONE DOLLAR.

Cliffhanger is a classic TPIR game, what with the fantastic yodeling sound effects. But the best game has to be Plinko.

Plinko requires that you climb an extremely glamorous staircase and drop a chip down a pachinko-type board.

You might win $0, you might win $5,000. Isn't life unpredictable???

The SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN is basically the most exciting part of the program. Plus, I've absorbed it into my vocabulary, to use anytime anyone has a conflict with anyone else. For instance: "Oh, Billy? He totally had a Showcase Showdown with his boss. It was awesome."

Because I grew up in New York, I always wondered what would happen if I went on the show and won stuff I could not use in an apartment, like lawn furniture, a teak jacuzzi, or a boat. At least Manhattan is an island, and I could have little kid fantasies about docking a speedboat on the Hudson River. But seriously, what if you live in some landlocked place, and you've got to tow that boat home?

Thanks, Marie Claire, for tackling the big issues. Oh, and I've got to brag a little! Check out my prized Price possession:

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