This essay about Katharine Hepburn really makes you want a) to be her b)have known her and c) watch all her movies, immediately. The author, Sarah Standing, had the luxury of living with Hepburn for several months, in all her whiskey-drinking, trouser-wearing, wood-chopping, frigid-ocean-swimming glory. And while Kate's home truths — "You can't sail a leaky boat. You either keep rowing or you sink. Swim to safety before it's too late," — are sage indeed, it seems a little unfair to compare Hepburn's "real star" quality to what passes for celebrity today, as Standing does. After all, it's not like there was really anyone as awesome in her own day either. The upside? At least high-waisted trousers are readily available now - "because it's impossible to explore properly in a dress," as Hepburn herself said. [Telegraph]