The internet Gods have smiled upon us with the season premiere of 30 Rock one week early. Liz Lemon is trying to adopt a child, and during this episode, a woman from the adoption agency (played by Will and Grace star Megan Mullally) visits the set of The Girlie Show to see whether or not Liz is a suitable candidate. Of course, everything goes horribly wrong, and Mullally's character Bev ends up getting knocked unconscious by golden nunchucks. Liz decides to take advantage of the situation, and in the clip above, she gets a do-over of Bev's visit. The subject matter of this episode, while not the most LOLworthy 30 Rock in history, did remind me of why the show is so popular: it takes on serious issues lady issues.Obviously the show is exaggerated and purposely satirical (duh, it's a comedy), but the difficulty Liz faces in balancing her personal life and her gangbusters career is very real. Bev is skeptical of Liz's ability to mother a child because she works 60-80 hours a week, and this is something Tina Fey admits to struggling with in her own life as well. She tells today's USA Today that working on SNL and 30 Rock has been pretty difficult. Fey is incredibly grateful for her career, however "It's just that there's nothing else. You work, and you see your family when you can, and you go to bed. I don't see any movies. It took me a year to read The Year of Magical Thinking." Even sadder for our heroine, "I never get to have wine! I always have to go to bed. I can't really bitch about it, either. We have six weeks off — that's four weeks longer than most people. And it's a job where I can bring my daughter, if I want to, and I get to be with people I love." Aw. Here's an extra dose of Fey-cuteness to tide you over, since it sounds like she will not be on SNL this weekend. It's a vignette about her daughter, Alice:

She's in nursery school. It's pretty cute. She has a backpack that takes up the entire size of her torso. She's really proud of it. If you said to her, 'What's in your backpack?' She's really cocky and says, 'Nothing.' There's nothing in it. She just carries it.

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