The Dow is down, but Amy Borkowsky's hopes are high. She's trying to raise $3 million to buy a Super Bowl commercial, which will serve as a personal ad in her search for Mr. Right. Borkowsky, who, according to the New York Post, gives her age as "somewhere between Carrie and Samantha," has a background as an ad exec, so she knows how to target a market. "Dating is a numbers game," she says. "I need to reach a large pool of guys." She has a website, where she accepts donations toward her $3 million goal; she now has about $1,121. The question here is fairly obvious: Is this stunt embarrassingly desperate? Or is Borkowsky smartly going after what she wants?And here's something else to think about: What would you think of this stunt if a man were doing it (buying the ad during, say, the Miss America pageant)? Would he seem desperate? Embarrassing? Smart? Romantic? Some of the comments on the Post's site are crude:

"Someone should tell this woman that desperation is not attractive. THAT may be part of her problem."

"Amy: don't ask for my money in order to get married. Spend your own."

"I think she's looking for a guy that doesn't exist and will never exist - the IDEAL man, though she's taking it to an extreme. A good shrink and a dose of humility would help."

"She should spend $500 on a make-over and she could probably get a good guy for free."

It should be noted that Borkowsky is a comedian — her show involves answering machine messages from her mother, which she has been saving for over a decade. So whatever you may think about her, at least she has a sense of humor about herself. Super Bowl Hail 'Marry' [NY Post] [Amy Borkowsky's Site]