The subplot on ANTM about how Europeans are socially weird and awkward has just expanded. Elina was told that she doesn't open up enough and let her emotions go, which she said has to do with the fact that Europeans don't cry. (While she was explaining this, she was crying.) The other girls — including Sheena, the daughter of an immigrant — were confused by this, because Marjorie and Elina moved to America when they were really little, so they should've learned the American way by now. (Apparently the "American way" means that you show a lot of emotion when in a reality TV modeling competition.) Sheena thinks that "you're only an immigrant in your mind." Meanwhile, Joslyn "doesn't have time to think about immigration." Luckily, the girls found out they're going to Europe, which means that the Americans will be the weirdos. Clip above.Earlier: ANTM: Explaining Marjorie's Awkwardness