Didja hear? Scientists in Singapore have discovered a way to reduce flatulence-causing sugars in soy! So all you farty vegetarians out there, you may fart no more. You know who else maybe interested in this impressive new development? Our favorite macrobiotic proletarian and Goop purveyor Gwyneth Paltrow! It's serendipity that we would hear about this amazing fart reducing breakthrough on the same day that we received Goop's latest newsletter, one filled with soy-containing recipes. But guys, maybe Gwyneth really is trying to relate to the average Jane Winebox this time. She says that with the way these recipes are constructed, you'll get "more bang for your buck!" Is that assertion true? We calculated the cost of ingredients to find out. Click on Gwynnie's face for the results.2 tuna steaks, about half a pound each: $8.99 peanut oil: $5.49 finely minced ginger: $2.99 8 slices ciabatta: $3.99 extra virgin olive oil: $6.79 black pepper $1.49 arugula: $1.49 Veganaise: $3.99 soy sauce: $2.19 roasted sesame oil: $5.99 Total: $43.40, serves four, so $10.85 per person. To Gwyneth's credit, this is the cost if one were starting from scratch and had none of these ingredients on hand. However, did she have to use arugula, that evil salad fixing of the elite? [Reuters] Earlier: Gwyneth Paltrow's New Website: Let Them Eat Macrobiotic Rice