Though experts are still questioning the cost effectiveness of Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccine recommended for women ages 11 to 26, the CDC has found that reports of serious adverse events, including deaths following the administration of the vaccine, were not related to the shot. According to the Wall Street Journal, the CDC looked at 375,000 doses of the vaccine, and found "no increased risk of a pre-specified set of possible side effects — such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a neurological disorder, stroke, blood clots, fainting, appendicitis and a serious allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis — among vaccine recipients compared to a similar group of patients who didn't receive the vaccine."In fact, when compared to other vaccines, those receiving Gardasil shots reported fewer "serious adverse events." The Journal reports that 6% of Gardasil complaints were "serious," while "most vaccines have reported serious adverse events rates between 10% and 15%." Even with these findings, immigrant advocates are still not happy that immigrant women between the ages of 11-26 are required to get the Gardasil shot before receiving their green cards. As we reported earlier, the expense of this shot is a serious barrier, and the L.A. Times reported yesterday that some experts think the shot could be fairly ineffective. "Many women will very likely get this only for the purpose of the visa," according to Kate Bourne of the International Women's Health Coalition. "Quite likely they will be at the upper end of the age range, which means they are more likely to already be sexually active, and this vaccine is useless to them." The only group of women and girls required to get the Gardasil vaccine beyond immigrants is residents of the state of Virginia, because as we all know, Virginia IS for lovers, despite what Nancy Pfotenhauer says. Side Effects Not Linked To Gardasil [WSJ] Immigrants' Advocates Decry Cervical Cancer Vaccine Order [LAT] Earlier: Experts Question The Cost Effectiveness Of HPV Vaccine Experts Appalled At Gardasil Requirement For Immigrant Women