Sometimes you forget how horrible people people can be to one another. And then you watch Judge Judy and you are reminded of that fact all over again. Today's case involved a woman suing her sister for identity theft. The defendant was involved in a car accident about five years ago, and gave her sister's information instead of her own. Her sister didn't know anything about it until recently, when she got divorced and had to get an apartment of her own, and learned that she couldn't because her credit was all fucked up. The plaintiff managed to track down the other woman involved in the accident and brought her as a surprise witness in front of Judge Judy. That woman had actually saved the original piece of scrap paper that the defendant had scribbled her sister's information on. Stupidly, the scrap paper the defendant had used was a mailed out coupon that had her real name on the reverse side. She was totally caught red-handed! However, she still insisted she'd done nothing wrong, which pissed JJ off even more, because she had to scream at the defendant while also suffering from laryngitis. Clip above.