Megan and Latoya already took on Sarah Palin's magical Technicolor $150,000 dream coats during Crappy Hour, but here's Rachel Maddow's two cents, just 'cause we heart her so much. She not only rags on Palin's lavish, RNC-funded shopping spree, but also mentions Palin's fibbed expense reports. (Palin charged the state of Alaska $21,000 so her children could accompany her to events where they were not invited, and then altered her expenses to say they had been on official business.) "Free duds and free trips for the kids?" Rachel says. "It kind of makes me want to be a maverick, too!" Clip above.Palin Charged State For Children's Travel, Later Amended Expense Reports [AP via Chicago Tribune] Earlier: Sarah Palin's Clothes Are Great, But Are They $150,000 Great?