A few weeks ago, the billy-goat inspired LOLVogue came with a contest. There was one image for which we had no caption. We asked; you answered. After the jump, the finalists… And the winner.

Hamsterpants: HA HA UR DANGLIN IN UR DYPR AN EVRYON CAN SEE UR FURRY PARTZ!!! BrutallyHonestBabes: Fall Fashun: Ur Doin it Rong megissoawesome: Bridge to Nowherz... we buildz it!!1!! ruselkie: dropz me lower!! i can seez russia!! pandorasmittens: i kant carri it 4 u but i can carri u!!! stacyinbean is a proud East Coast Librul Elitist: ILL NEVR LET GO JACK!!!! badmutha: The Bish Doctrine:improvin moddles worldview Mama Penguino: Hang in der bebeh, itz almost fryday. PenelopeGadha: OMG u guyz - troll undr bridge open starbux! And, the winner:

puppy_plz : Lemmingz. ur doin it rong. Contrats to commenter puppy_plz! Email me to claim your cheezburger prize.