Elle recognizes that times are tough this season — that's why all its fall fashion ideas double as Halloween costumes. If you'd like to be a lumberjack, for instance, page 152 has all you need, including high heels (plaid), suspenders, and a vinyl backpack shaped like a tree trunk ($54). If werewolves are more your speed, check out p. 160 for a hat with fur extending down over the face ($2,580, or 100 silver bullets). And if you need something to carry your greasepaint around, look no further than p. 150, where you'll find a crystal-encrusted minaudiere shaped like a polar bear ($3,995, and a minaudiere is a makeup case, you uncultured swine). It's the perfect accessory for any occasion, be it a global-warming-themed champagne brunch (just place the polar bear on a dwindling ice sculpture), or an intimate Halloween gathering for 500. More Elle, after the jump.